Sweden 2017

Here are some pictures from our Swedish vacation. Hejsan!

26 july

Walked down to the beach on the day we arrived.

Ella, Kajsa and Alice play "skitgubbe" which is a combination of the words for "shit" and "old man". Nice!
27 july

Luke and I take a selfie.
28 july

Sandcastle building in Höllviken.

29 july

Family cookout. At the grill: Signe, Ella, Kajsa, Alice, Sixten, and Tilda.

Going for an after dinner walk along the beach in Höllviken.


Entrance to the beach, a short walk from Bitte & Willy's house.

Ditto. (Some distortion since this is a pano shot).

Dunes and badhytter (bath huts).

Tina at Millenium Bar.
31 july

More sandcastle building.


1 august

Checking out the old stomping ground in Ljunghusen, just south of Höllviken.

Jumping off the Ljunghusen pier with Kajsa.



At Annas Bageri (Anna's Bakery).

Watching the Kadavresky troupe in Malmö — in the rain. For an example, click here.

After the show. (Wet butts not pictured).
2 august

Out and about in Helsingborg.


3 august

Watching "Le Fin Demain" inside the Dunkers art museum. (In the meantime, it rained).

Who is THIS idiot!?

After some more rain we saw about an hour of Damn! + Kristin Amporo + Shirin. Jazz funk. Good stuff (and free).
4 august

On the way north to Gothenburg, we stopped at Tjolöholm Castle. Built around 1900.


The view on the other side of the castle.

The most boring tour guide in the world, repeating herself. Again.

Our hotel for the next two nights. In Gothenburg.
5 august

On a ferry on our way to the island of Brännö.

There were many islands along the way.

We walked across Brännö to Cafe Varvet, which is made from ships containers, pallets, odd couches, wood, rope and paint.



We let these birds finish a meal.

Flakmopeds, apparently the most popular way to travel on Brännö.

At Liseberg, I rode the Helix. Everyone else was chicken.

6 august

An after dinner walk with Gabi, Tina, Kajsa, Thord, Olle, Hannes, and Luke. In Höganäs.
7 august

Yellow Ns mark the way to Nimis.

Looking back toward the entrance to Nimis. Luke, in the green shirt, is waving.

On the rocky beach looking back at the structure.


Looking through it.

Two towers. (Barad-dûr and Orthanc?)


Looking down.

Looking straight down.

Closer to the entrance, looking along the structures and then out to the sea.

After Nimis, we drove the lighthouse in Mölle. The sign warns of steep cliffs.

The lighthouse at Mölle.

Kajsa is not concerned about the cliffs.

More cliffs. Woot.
8 august

In Anderslöv, for dinner with cousins.

On the menu is kräftor (crayfish), which calls for celebration. Luke doesn't kid around.
9 august

Meanwhile, back in Höllviken, here's a shot of the canal that separates Näset.
10 august

On the jetty in Höllviken.

Family groupie-shot!

Heading back.