Seen lately:
  Justice League - Has some moments but more cons than pros. Wonder Woman was the best. Flash was good too.
  The Big Sick - Kumail Nanjiani's funny-sad-romantic-hopeful autobiographical movie.
  Thor: Ragnarok - This was so funny. Just a fun superhero romp.
  Loving Vincent - Hand-painted to look like a moving oil painting. Enjoyed this.
  Brotherhood of the Wolf - French period piece that involves a monster, martial arts, sex, a conspiracy, and swordfights. What's not to love?
  Blade Runner 2049 - Pleased to report that it's a worthy sequel, visually strong, and with a plot that makes you think.
  My Life As a Zucchini - French claymation film about a young boy at an orphange. Sad, sweet, funny, and cool. Enjoyed watching it with my daughter.
  Logan Lucky - A witty, funny heist movie featuring some very un-slick but very likable characters. Very well done.
  The Hitman's Bodyguard - Reviews may not have been too kind, but this was an enjoyable flick with several great action scenes — especially a chase scene in Amsterdam.
  Masterminds - I thought this might be stupid... but I laughed a lot.

  = Good         = Meh         = Bad      
Looking forward to seeing:

Three Billboards Outside
Ebbing, Missouri

The Shape of Water

I, Tonya

Isle of Dogs