Seen lately:
  Spider-Man: Homecoming - Good reboot. It has the humor it needed and Michael Keaton makes a great villain.
  The Accountant - Ben Affleck is an OCD accountant (somewhere on the autistic spectrum). And he's also a trained fighter and shooter. Not bad.
  Baby Driver - Bank heists, gun-play, car chases, young romance, humor. Might not be anything really new but it's very enjoyable and with a killer soundtrack.
  Transformers: The Last Knight - A visual spectacle that makes no sense and has no interesting characters.
  The Mummy - Not great, some cheesy dialogue, but overall, an entertaining summer movie.
  Wonder Woman - Fun flick, good origin story. Gal Gadot makes a great WW.
  Hidden Figures - Inspiring true story about 3 bright women and their involvement with NASA.
  Alien: Covenant - Better than Prometheus. Some cool sets. No real jump-in-your-seat moments, though. But I liked it.
  King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Fun take on the King Arthur story, though not strictly faithful to the subject. Jude Law was excellent.
  A Monster Calls - A sad tale but visually arresting. Was glad to see it, though I don't watch too many sad flicks.

  = Good         = Meh         = Bad      
Looking forward to seeing:

Valerian and the
City Of A Thousand Planets

Atomic Blonde


The Dark Tower