Notes on: Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson
Caution: this is essentially a plot summary and thus filled with spoilers I also have annotated this with many snide comments. Occasionally approximate page numbers from the MMPB are given in brackets [].

story notes:
Basically, Kallor was king and, in a pissy mood, ruins a whole continent.

book one: the spark and the ashes

Gruntle, a caravan guard in the employ of Keruli, meets Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. Both are dressed in black, Bauchelain is tall and thin and Korbal Broach is big and fat (and, being a eunuch, probably not popular with the ladies anyway). Bauchelain and Korbal Broach intend to visit the Jaghut tyrant's tomb (Raest). Gruntle wants no part of that.

In southern Genabackis, near the city of Morn, Toc the Younger suddenly finds himself on a barren obsidian-strewn plain. Was he spit out of a warren? Toc seeks to rejoin Dujek Onearm's host. Toc encounters Tool, the T'lan Imass. They in turn meet Lady Envy, daughter of Draconus who forged the sword Dragnipur and was slain by its present wielder, Anomander Rake (Lord of Moon's Spawn). Draconus had two daughters who he named Envy and Spite. Lady Envy is accompanied by three enslaved Seguleh (Senu, Mok, and Thurule). These three Seguleh take an immediate dislike to Tool. They're like awesome swordsmen, too. Coooool.

Tool is following an ancient trail leading northwards. Tool informs Lady Envy that Anomander Rake and Caladan Brood prepare to wage war on the Pannion Domin. They all decide to travel together. How nice.

Picker buys three linking arm bands from Munug (a traveling merchant) and fastens them on her arm. She's gonna regret that, you just know it.

Quick Ben planted a tracking pebble within Munug's gear. Munug ambles his way toward Pale but sneaks into a warren which contains the smoky tent of the Crippled God. Munug's leg tumors are healed by the god but the healing leaves Munug's legs useless. D'oh!

Quick Ben seeks after his tracking pebble which is now with the Crippled God -- he enters the warren. Then, in the midst of a conversation with the Crippled God, Quick Ben unleashes his magery from all his warrens, snags his pebble and attempts to flee. The Crippled God's power ensnares Quick Ben and begins drawing him inexorably back towards the tent.

Burn intervenes.

A hand from the earth snatches Quick Ben, taking him into another warren and out of reach of the Crippled God. In this warren Quick Ben learns that Burn is losing a battle with the Crippled God and can only last a matter of decades before she succumbs completely.

Quick Ben promises to help, leaves his tracking pebble behind and returns to Picker.

Mallet is worried about Ganoes Paran since something tainted is eating at Paran's gut. Could be my wife's casserole? Whiskeyjack tells Mallet to keep an eye on him.

Dujek Onearm, Whiskeyjack, Twist (a Black Moranth), and Artanthos (the standard bearer) meet with Caladan Brood, Kallor, Korlat (a Tiste Andii soletaken), and Crone along with Mhybe and Silverfox. (Mhybe is the Rhivi woman who birthed Silverfox.)

They plan their defense of Capustan against the Pannion Seer. They plan to strike to the heart of the cult's domain, the city of Coral. Moon's Spawn is also drawing near and then will disappear! Oooh.

Kallor takes an instant disliking to Silverfox, calling her an abomination. Then the truth comes out: As Silverfox grows at an advanced rate, Myhbe ages just as quickly. Although the Mhybe appears to be an old woman, she is but 20 years old. And Silverfox is in fact, a reincarnation of Tattersail with a bit of Nightchill as well (and possibly Bellurdan Skullcrusher (nice name!)). Silverfox was born in two places at once: among the Rhivi and within a Tellan warren. Silverfox is destined to be the leader of the T'lan Imass and her birth has initiated a T'lan Imass gathering. Says Silverfox: They are coming.

Ganoes Paran, by virtue of his traveling within Anomander Rake's sword, Dragnipur, earns a new name: Jen'isand Rul, the Wanderer within the Sword. Tattersail/Silverfox believes each card in the Deck of Dragons is a gate into a warren and that there once were more cards than currently exist.

The T'lan Imass define Finnest (the Azath house in Darujistan) as Hold of Ice, and hold could be the same as house. Also, Tremorlor is Trellish for House of Life (the Azath house in Seven Cities). Malaz City has the Deadhouse, the Azath house of death. Tattersail/Silverfox believes the Azath houses and the houses of the Deck are the same or linked. And each Azath house is home to every gate into every warren.

Tattersail/Silverfox tells Ganoes Paran that he, that is Jen'isand Rul, the Wanderer within the Sword is a new dominant unaligned card within the Deck. Paran, typically, is non-plussed.

Senu and Thurule acknowledge Mok as their master by virtue of his skill as a swordsman. He is ranked third among the Seguleh. There is supposed to be a legendary Seguleh ranked highest who wears an unmarked white porcelain mask. (For the record, the Seguleh consider Anomander Rake ranked Seventh. Rake once journeyed to their island and engaged many in swordplay due to tenets of their culture. And cuz he's just so bad-ass.)

Tool asks the Seguleh why they are traveling in Genabackis. Senu replies that they are the punitive army of the Seguleh. They seek to punish those that are invading their island, the priests of the Pannion Domin.

Tool: How many years since your birth, Senu?
Senu: Fourteen. I am Eleventh Level Initiate.

Thurule engages Tool in a duel and Tool defeats him using only the flat of his blade. Thurule will recover but Mok is somewhat taken aback when he learns of how Tool defeated him.

Kruppe greets Caladan Brood and gang as the representative of Darujistan. But it soon becomes apparent that he was self-appointed as representative as Coll, Murillio, and Estraysian D'Arle arrive as the actual representatives. But since Kruppe remembers Silverfox from a dream (and she him) he is not summarily dismissed by Caladan Brood. Kruppe also manages to have the Trygalle Trade Guild installed as suppliers to their army.

Ganoes Paran finds himself transported to the Finnest Azath house. There, he spies Rallick Nom and Vorcan who had vanished the night of the Daru fête. He also meets with Raest, the Jaghut prisoner/guardian of Finnest. Paran comes to realize that he has the power to travel anywhere. According to Raest, no one has been allowed entry into the Azath house since he awoke. And he has not tried to awaken Rallick Nom or Vorcan. Raest takes Ganoes Paran six or seven levels deep into the bowels of the root-strewn house. Raest tells Ganoes Paran that the Azath has need for a Master of the Deck because "a war has begun."

Paran studies an image carved within a flagstone and finds himself transported... knowledge comes to him that he is within the "Hold of the Beasts... long before the First Throne... this was the heart of the T'lan Imass's power--their spirit world when they were still flesh and blood, when they still possessed spirits to be worshipped and revered. Long before they initiated the Ritual of Tellann... and so came to outlast their own pantheon..."

He steps back and wonders why there were two thrones and not just one.

Then, from another stone, views Burn, the Sleeping Goddess. And then at a wound, a broken figure, Chained to Burn's flesh. And from the figure, poison is seeping into Burn's flesh. [165]

"She sensed the sickness coming, sinking claws into her. Sensed... and chose to sleep. Less than two thousand years ago she chose to sleep. She sought to escape the prison of her own flesh. [...] She made of herself a weapon! Her entire spirit, all its power, into a single forging... a hammer... capable of breaking anything. And then Burn found a man to wield it. Caladan Brood."

Caladan Brood and Anomander Rake are discussing Burn.
Brood: I am Tennes, the goddess's own warren.
Rake: If she dies?
Brood: I don't know... her warren dies... and becomes the Crippled God's pathway into every other warren, then they all die.
Rake: And with that, all sorcery.

Then they discuss more immediate matters, the Pannion Domin. They believe the Warren of Chaos lies at the heart of the Domin and so do the Great Ravens.

Gruntle's caravan enters Saltoan. Learns of the Tenescowri: the Pannion Seer's army of the dispossessed and abandoned, cannibals, rapers of the dead.... Children of the Dead Seed, presumably, pretty fun to party with. If Saltoan is overrun by the Pannion Domin, it's citizens will either become the victims of the Tenescowri, or Tenescowri themselves.

Later, Gruntle, Harllo, Bauchelain, Korbal Broach, and more are set upon by the demonic K'Chain Che'Malle. They got like swords for arms and were apparently designed by my seven-year-old.

book two: Hearthstone

The Grey Swords, a mercenary company, guards the city of Capustan. Among them are Brukhalian, Mortal Sword of Fener's Reve; Itkovian, Shield Anvil of Fener's Reve; and Karnadas, Destriant (a martial arch-priest) of Fener's Reve. As these three are discussing affairs, they are contacted by Quick Ben via a sorcerous communication. They bristle at being labeled as mere mercenaries and call themselves an army of the Boar of Summer, sworn to Fener.

Quick Ben wants to get a message to the city's rulers. Karnadas informs him that both the Mask Council and Prince Jelarkan claim that title and the Grey Swords answer to the prince. The Grey Swords task is to make the taking of Capustan too costly for the Pannion Domin to go any further. Quick Ben informs them of Caladan Brood's army coming to the relief of Capustan. The Grey Swords expect 60,000 Pannion Domin troops. Quick Ben says their own army is certainly less than that but will be bringing some "surprises." Quick Ben says he wants to reconvene with them after discussing things with Caladan Brood.

Itkovian, in a company of 30, sets out from the main gate and runs into some K'Chain Che'Malle. In the ensuing battle, he is aided by Pran Chole, the Bonecaster of the Kron T'lan Imass. Twenty of his company are gone (but the T'lan Imass kick ass.)

Toc and Tool are conversing. Toc seems to have been joined with the spirit of an ay (wolf), affecting his lone eye. Tool enquires about the loss of his other eye. Toc tells Tool that a sizzling chunk from Moon's Spawn took it out. This leads Tool to give Toc a new name, Aral Fayle, which basically means 'touched by stone.' Toc then asks about Tool's name, Onos T'Oolan. He learns that Onos = 'clanless man', T' = 'broken', Ool is 'veined', and lan is 'flint'. Taken all together, his name could translate as flawed flint. [229]

K'rul and Lady Envy have a conversation of sorts. Envy learns that the warrens are his veins, and by traveling through them, she travels through his flesh. Drawing on the power within, draws upon K'rul's blood. Envy asks, Who else knows? K'rul says: Anomander Rake, Draconus, Osric, a handful of others.... K'rul also informs her that he shall endeavor to keep Toc the Younger's soul from the Chained One's grasp. And: within the Pannion Domin, K'rul's blood is poisoned and Envy must not access her warren. [239-243]

Bauchelain repairs his carriage using the bones of dismembered K'Chain Che'Malle. [246]

Karnadas (the Destriant) meets some of the Kron T'lan Imass. The Kron are curious about the Pannion and do not believe him to be human. (He may be Jaghut, and thus a hated enemy of the T'lan Imass. Kill him!) [250]

Brukhalian (the Mortal Sword) is visited by Gethol, Hood's herald. Gethol informs him that Fener (his god) is in peril. Hood is offering his warren as a sanctuary to the Grey Swords. Brukhalian takes umbrage with Gethol and strikes him across the face (shattering bone) with his sword. As Gethol prepares to respond, three of the Kron T'lan Imass appear and threaten him (since Gethol is a Jaghut). Gethol is swallowed up by his warren and is gone. Pussy. [253]

Gethol is contacted by the Crippled God and shown the new House of Chains. The Chained one then offers Gethol the position of Herald within that house and Gethol accepts. You know what the deck needs? The House of Blues. Hah! (sorry) [258]

Whiskeyjack tells Anomander Rake the tale of pursuing Quick Ben and ten other mages into the Raraku desert. At the end of the ordeal, Quick Ben has consumed the souls and powers of the ten mages and joins up with Whiskeyjack's men. Could Quick Ben BE more bad-ass? [263]

Lady Envy and Toc the Younger are headed towards Bastion. See the sights, take in a show. [300]

Hetan, the Barghast (and sister to Cafal), tells Itkovian (who has vowed chastity), that she intends to bed him. Brukhalian tells her that the Kron T'lan Imass are here only to defeat the K'Chain Che'Malle and will not be fighting the humans. Y'know, I'm beginning to think Itkovian really could use a good lay. [313]

Keruli gives Gruntle a clay bird to give to Buke. Buke is to crush it, mix it with water and drink it. It's to help his stomach pains and contains "other benefits." [329]

Cafal to Itkovian: The T'isten'ur (the Grey-Skinned) were enemies of our Founding Spirits. The Founding Spirits fought them in the Blue Wastes and were driven back to the underworld. Itkovian believes that the T'isten'ur and the Tiste Edur are one and the same. Cafal believes that the Moranth have "embraced the alchemies of the T'isten'ur." [331]

Quick Ben believes that the Crippled God has infected the warrens and that the Pannion Seer may be but a pawn in the Crippled God's scheme. Just go with it. [340]

Trotts makes claim to clan leadership among his fellow Barghast. A duel will decide his (and the Bridgeburners fate.) Ditto. [342]

Toc the Younger is with Anaster, First Child of the Dead Seed. Anaster says that the Seer wants an audience with the Defier (Toc) and meanwhile Anaster will head to Coral. [372]

Lady Envy and Tool fight against Jaghut sorcery south of the Seer's domain. They believe there may be an alliance between the K'Chain Che'Malle and the Jaghut. Toc meets with the Seer and knows both pain and mending of broken bones simultaneously. But the Seer doesn't intend to kill him. I guess he's like a cat with a mouse. [378]

Kallor, on his throne in his warren, is visited by Gethol, Herald to the Crippled God in his newly fashioned House of Chains. Gethol says that servants of the Crippled God will travel the warrens freely. Gethol wants to learn the location of Moon's Spawn and reveal that to the Crippled God. Kallor agrees to be High King fo the House of Chains in exchange for a chance to kill Silverfox. [390-392]

Korlat informs Whiskeyjack that she wishes them to become lovers. Whiskeyjack accepts and they head off to her tent. Who says romance is dead? [394]

book three: Capustan

Keruli (the caravan master), addresses the Mask Council in Capustan. He informs them that he will be joining them in the role of Rath'K'rul. He also informs this prickly bunch that there is one among them that will "betray us all." [422]

A messenger informs the Grey Swords (Brukhalian, Itkovian, Karnadas) about a civilian (Gruntle) who has rallied some citizenry under a bloody yellow child's shirt used as a standard and has begun killing Pannions with gusto. Karnadas sets in motion his plan of hiding ordinary civilians into the secret tunnels below the city. [430]

Gruntle and Itkovian meet. Gruntle will take his stand in a tenement building against the invaders. Itkovian tells him of the secret tunnels. Itkovian also realizes that Gruntle is taking on the role of Treach, the Tiger of Summer (just as Fener's days seemed numbered, Treach is ascending. You figure it out!) [434]

Emancipor Reese cautions Buke against antagonizing Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. Buke ignores him and as his masters (who are soletakens) change into rooks and prepare to kidnap Anaster, the leader of the Tenescowri, Buke uses his own soletaken powers (gifted to him by Korelri [see chapter 10]), changes into a sparrowhawk and follows the rooks. The rooks meet up with magic more powerful than their own and are rebuffed from capturing Anaster. They return smoking from the effort. Meanhwhile Bauchelain and Korbal Broach have taken some enemy corpses and re-animated them as guards for Buke to command. They guard Bauchelain's estate. [438]

Is there anyone who's NOT a Soletaken?

Silverfox tells Caladan Brood & company that the T'lan Imass are busy killing the K'Chain Che'Malle. As Kallor is typically apoplectic about anything Silverfox says, she goes on to tell a little history lesson. (Gather 'round, children!) Long ago the Jaghuts, by way of cruel Jaghut Tyrants, enslaved the T'lan Imass. Inevitably there was rebellion. And though there were some nice Jaghuts helping the Imass against their crueler brethren, the T'lan Imass set about killing any and all Jaghut. And, before this the K'Chain Che'Malle were once lords and masters over the Jaghut race. Yeah, that's fair. [450]

Kruppe engrages Caladan Brood to such an extent that Brood has a hissy-fit and strikes his hammer down at Kruppe's feet. It's like a detonation of sorts that splits a crack in the earth, sends boulders flying, and half a league away a new mountain range comes into existence--one that resembles a broken spine. Kruppe however is unscathed. Meanwhile the fissure fills with fouled blood. Also, Caladan Brood almost gets his head kicked in by Kruppe's preternaturally watchful mule. What an ass! [454]

Whiskeyjack tells Dujek Onearm that he believes Kruppe to be in league with the elder god, K'rul. Kruppe has publicly set himself in the Crippled God's path. [459]

Crone tells Caladan Brood that the Pannion Seer is using the Omtose Phellack (Jaghut) warren in the south. This is news? [474]

Capustan is overrun. A messenger arrives for Brukhalian bearing a message from Rath'Fener: The Thrall is assailed. Rath'Fener invokes the Reve's Eighth Command. You are to ride with all your company to his aid. Brukhalian orders the Eleventh Mane to remain behind with the Destriant (Karnadas) and his cutters. (Itkovian is recovering from battle.) Brukhalian leaves his warhorse behind with the messenger and leads 400 troops to the Thrall. He knows he's doomed. He knows Rath'Fener commits a crime but rationalizes that there would be no punishment for him if they did not obey the Reve regardless. He's certain that Rath'Fener will get his comeuppance. What the fudge is going on here? Really. [484]

Brukhalian and company get slaughtered. Hood, King of the House of Death, personally visits Brukhalian and then is gone. Itkovian plans on getting the Rath'Fener priest. [487]

Itkovian enters Prince Jelarkan's palace with his men and discovers Anaster and his ilk. Anaster has killed Jelarkan and has stretched his skin over the throne. Itkovian offers to take on Anaster's grief but is denied. Anaster orders all the Grey Swords killed, but the Grey Swords are faster with their crossbows and annihilate them. The few seerdomin and Tenescowri left standing flee (via the back door) with Anaster at their head. Itkovian orders the skin be taken down. Killjoy. [495]

seventeen [497]
The White Face Barghast and Bridgeburner, Trotts, has taken over as war chief for the Bridgeburners though Ganoes Paran is technically still in charge. Paran is relieved nonetheless and still plagued with stomach problems. Anyone got a Pepto? [504]

When Gruntle sees Picker, he says "I believe you have something for me" and relieves her of her painful torcs around her arm. She's immensely relieved. Then Mallet goes into a nearby tent to heal Stonny Menackis. [512]

Nightchill wants Ganoes Paran to free Draconus from within Dragnipur (Anomander Rake's sword, formerly Draconus' sword). And to free him would mean shattering the sword. [522]

eighteen [543]
Talamandas, the Barghast sticksnare is helping Quick Ben with traveling warrens. Where'd he come from? [546]

Whiskeyjack is informed that Septarch Kulpath has been felled by a Rhivi slingstone. [550]

Korlat catches Whiskeyjack in a lie regarding the empress Laseen's hand in affairs. Doghouse! [555]

War council in Caladan Brood's tent. Anomander Rake arrives via warren. Korlat informs those present of the Empress' hand behind Dujek Onearm and Whiskeyjack. Kallor is typically hotheaded in his response. Rake is unconcerned and calmly analyzes the situation (Brood and Rake reflect on their prior war against the Malazan army as resulting from ensuring their freedom). They begin discussing marching their armies south from Capustan....

Korlat reflects to herself that she's been too hasty in distrusting Whiskeyjack and hopes to mend differences between them. Maybe a nice Hallmark card would help.

Dujek Onearm and Whiskeyjack arrive late to the meeting. Dujek informs all that the Tenescowri are on the move and due to arrive at dawn. Rake: "Leave them to me." He intends to "scare them witless." Rake is definitely BMOC.

Korlat informs Dujek Onearm and Whiskeyjack of the need to take the cities of Setta and Lest simultaneously, and then move on to Coral. Whiskeyjack: Onearm's Host will travel southwest to take Setta (the Black Moranth remain in place in the Vision Mountains), and Caladan Brood's forces should head south to take Lest. Once Setta is taken, they will head to the headwaters of the Maurik River and from there head south to Maurik itself. Also, the White Face Barghast clan is joining the campaign. (Brood agrees with the plan.)

Rake: We will rendezvous at Coral. The Seer has been under attack from the south by a lone T'lan Imass (which would be Tool), a she-wolf and a very large dog. The Seer's been using the Omtose Phellack (Jaghut) warren against them and has been countered by the Tellann (T'lan Imass) warren.

Caladan Brood: They're driving the Seer into our laps. At Coral we'll face the Seer himself.

Dujek Onearm, on the prospect of a sorcerous battle at Coral: "Bloody terrific." [560-564]

Kruppe ingratiates himself into Silverfox's confidence, asks to be present at the Second Gathering. [565]

Anomander Rake believes that the Crippled God must be denied entry into the Deck of Dragons. That to grant him legitimacy is to give him power. Also: "Fener is torn from his realm and is now striding mortal earth." What this means is anyone's guess. [567]

Quick Ben wants to pay a social call on Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. More out of curiosity than anything else, not because Bauchelain has made cookies. This makes Talamandas nervous. Quick Ben successfully hides from some of the necromancers' guards and nearly gets eaten by a demon. Then he chats with Bauchelain and while doing so, Korbal Broach attempts to retake his human form and kill Quick Ben. Ben unleashes the combined power of six warrens on Broach which effectively hurls Broach through a wall but he's not killed in the process. Thinking Quick Ben weakened by the effort, Bauchelain attempts to engage Quick Ben but Ben then unleashes his other six warrens against him with similar results. Emancipor Reese, the necromancer's hapless servant is distressed that the necromancers are left alive. "No one ever kills them!" he wails. Seems like a valid complaint. [571]

The rebuilding and organizing of Capustan begins. [578]

Cafal to Ganoes Paran: Keruli is K'rul's high priest and he will seek Paran's blessing on behalf of his god. [583]

On the steps of the Thrall Ganoes Paran and Gruntle discuss the roles they've found themselves in. Paran considers accepting the House of Chains into the Deck of Dragons thereby binding it to the rules that the other houses follow. Gruntle agrees that this sounds wise. [593-596]

Ganoes Paran and Gruntle are joined by Quick Ben (with the sticksnare Talamandas hidden on his shoulder). Quick Ben agrees with Ganoes Paran and Gruntle about the House of Chains although Paran has said he hasn't made up his mind yet. Spoiler: He won't make up his mind in this book. [596-598]

Itkovian takes along Captain Norul (a female) and the recruit (another female) into the Barghast camps and meets with some elder Barghast women. The Grey Swords, once 7000-strong are now reduced in number to 319 troops. Norul is to become Shield Anvil and the recruit is to become Destriant. They will follow an old forgotten god of war, Togg (Togctha in the Barghast tongue), the Wolf and his mate, the she-wolf Fanderay. They will recruit from the Tenescowri. Have gods, will travel. [600-603]

nineteen [603]
Silverfox and Kruppe head out onto a plain to invoke The Second Gathering. They are followed by two Malazan soldiers. The Ay and Imass materialize from the dust. Pran Chole, the Kron T'lan Imass Bonecaster approaches. He says he stood with K'rul to attend Silverfox's birth. [605]

The old Bonecaster Olar Ethil says that the First Throne had found an occupant: Kellanved, although he ascended and no longer occupies the throne (an no doubt has forgotten to flush). And there are also renegades among the T'lan Imass using the Warren of Chaos. Olar Ethil is an undead twin to Tiam who spawned all dragons. File that one away. [608]

Pran Chole knows of only one surviving Jaghut (the Pannion Seer). The T'lan Imass wish for an end to the war between them and the Jaghut and thus finally achieve oblivion. The T'lan Imass beg Silverfox for release, but Silverfox, the first flesh and blood Bonecaster in 300,000 years denies them uttering simply, "No." [610] What a bitch!

Whiskeyjack and Korlat face Anaster and the Tenescowri. The Tenescowri attack with a roar when suddenly a huge silver-maned black dragon (Anomander Rake in his Soletaken form) attacks the Tenescowri. From the dragons mouth a withering current of the Kurald Galain warren is unleashed upon them laying waste. The dragon grabs Anaster, falters briefly and then casts him aside into the crowd. Anomader Rake lands, returns to his human form and draws his sword Dragnipur and begins cutting down the Tenescowri mages, that is, the Women of the Dead Seed. Whiskeyjack believes the sentence of being trapped within Dragnipur to be too harsh. He intervenes and faced with no other choice, executes the remaining women-mages with his own sword. His troops witness the executions and Whiskeyjack feels guilty about it. I'm not sure why. [613-617]

Whiskeyjack, Anomander Rake, Korlat and Dujek Onearm interrogate Anaster. Rake: "What should we do with you?" Anaster: "Kill me!" Anaster fears Itkovian saying that Itkovian wants Anaster's soul. Rake wants to meet this Itkovian. They deny Anaster death in the meantime. [618]

Murillio and Coll discuss a way to ease the Mhybe's suffering and nightmares. Perhaps a priest in Capustan can help. Meanwhile, within another nightmare, the Mhybe converses with the Crippled God who thinks she is the Seer. When she emerges from the nightmare, she has a cut on her cheek even though her hands were bound. Murillio and Coll are concerned.

twenty [628]
Lady Envy, her dog Garath, wolf Baaljaag (I may have that backwards--doesn't matter), and the three Seguleh (Mok, Thurule, and Senu) are pretty battered by their own war against the Pannion Seer (although Lady Envy alone doesn't look any worse for wear). And after Mok berates her enough so that she heals Garath, they meet up with an old, battered female T'lan Imass named Lanas Tog (from one of the lessern known tribes). Lanas Tog relates that there are tens of thousands of T'lan Imass dead on the far continent of Assail. And her enemy is led by a human (not a Jaghut, as Envy assumed). [669-671]

book four: Memories Of Ice [673]

twenty-one thru twenty-four [674]
Silverfox asks Ganoes Paran if he knows anything about the disappearance of her mother the Mhybe. He doesn't and then he gets in her face about the fact that she's effectively abandoned her so she should just chill out. Ganoes realizes that any warmer feelings between Silverfox and himself are a thing of the past. Paran is unconcerned about the Mhybe, figuring that Coll and Murillio are probably doing whatever they can to help her suffering. [678]

Coll and Murillio are attacked by Korbal Broach. But a Knight of Death comes to their aid and Broach flies off (in his Soletaken form). [689-691]

Itkovian tells Gruntle his theory of the enemy army. Whatever. [693]

Dujek to Whiskeyjack: Laseen will likely send the Host to Seven Cities with you in command (to fight Sha'ik.) But Whiskeyjack intends on retiring. [738]

Quick Ben and Ganoes Paran find a dead Tiste Edur and suspect he was killed by his own kind. What this has to do with the story is anyone's guess. [743]

Paran visits Dragnipur and talks to Draconus. Draconus says Dragnipur needs to feed on more souls. Chaos is on their heels. Either Anomander Rake takes souls or Dragnipur must be shattered. The former is necessary to buy time before the latter happens. But where is Rake? Paran to Quick Ben: "I think we've lost Rake." Wait, what?! How? Why?

Ganoes Paran becomes a "shadow-woven Hound" as he fights one of the Seer's fearsome condor-demons. Quick Ben witnesses the battle. Paran typically has no idea what's going on. (Join the club.) [794]

Tool goes after his buddy Toc. [807]

Kallor sees his chance, attacks Silverfox but Whiskeyjack comes to her aid. Seeing an opening, Whiskeyjack makes his move but is done in by his bad leg. Kallor sticks him like a pig. (So much for retirement). The two marines who've been shadowing Silverfox then attack Kallor. He dispatches one, then the other but not before the second marine punches her blade through Kallor's armor. Kallor screams "Save me, Superman!" (actually, "Chained One! Heal me!") He gets wrapped up in warren-glow and promptly disappears. Nice for him. Shortly, afterward, Artanthos is revealed to be Tayschrenn and he's a good guy? Okay.

twenty-five [821]
Tool frees Toc from chained imprisonment. The Seer flees after uttering "We shall return." Lame.

Hedge saves Picker and Blend's asses (and a few others) as K'Chain Che'Malle approaches. Unfortunately he does so with a cusser exploding at his feet. Thanks, Hedge, owe you one. [833]

Lady Envy meets up with Picker, Blend, et al and is looking for Toc. [835]

Hey, look at that, Dujek is alive. [837]

Artanthos/Tayschrenn battles the Seer's mages. Gruntle and company fight the K'Chain Che'Malle. Orfantal (Korlat's brother) fights the demon-condors in his dragon Soletaken form. Then Korlat, taking her own dragon form, joins him. Handy, that. [841]

Detoran dies, taking out a few Seerdomin with her. Are we supposed to care? [846]

Moon's Spawn rises from its hiding place beneath the surface of Ortnal's Cut (out in Coral Bay?), comes over to crush various spots in Coral -- I think, not clear on that (quel surprise). The Kurald Galain (Tiste Andii) warren is unleashed in all its glory. Very bad news for the Pannion gang. [852]

Trotts, having single-handedly killed at least ten Urdomen, collapses from a score of wounds. Expires. Mallet is exhausted from the healing business. Lady Envy takes over. [854]

Mok versus Tool! Who will win? What's Mok's problem with Tool anyway? Got me. But Tool is nearly finished, about to be cut down by Mok when his sister, Kilava, in panther form, strikes Mok from behind. Tool must be pretty embarrassed to be saved by a girl, eh? [855]

Toc's body lies impaled. Togg is freed. Lanas Tog (the many-sword-pierced T'lan Imass) arrives looking for the Summoner (Silverfox). With Tool, they split leaving Kilava behind because she's after the Seer. [856]

Lady Envy leaves behind Picker, Mallet, Spindle, Antsy, and Bluepearl. Moon's Spawn descends, wrecks stuff. [858]

Mhybe now in eternal sleep mode? Yeah, guess so. [875]

The wolf spirit is freed from Toc and Toc -- lucky! -- gets installed in a younger body. Still missing an eye though. [885]

In the Tellann warren (you know, the T'lan Imass magic land), Pran Chole tells Silverfox that the T'lan Imass are not done. Itkovian's assumption of their grief (did I mention that?) has awakened their memories. Not sure what that means, but anyway, they say they have one more task. (Basically joining the good fight on another continent.)

Onearm's Host is reduced to less than a thousand soldiers. Korlat and Orfantal vow to hunt down Kallor. Rake wants him alive to face Dragnipur. Moon's Spawn sinks dying into the Rust Ocean. [892]

Quick Ben has slowed down Burn's infection. Oh? How? Not sure. [895]

Itkovian, dead from inhaling all that T'lan Imass grief or something, is interred in a barrow in a solemn ceremony. No snickering! Gruntle leaves his torcs behind. And these torcs had WHAT to do with the story?

Quick Ben, with help from Ganoes Paran, leaves a tracking stone behind on Moon's Spawn. Of course, unless he turns into a fish, I'm not sure how he'd use it but never mind that. [899]

The Tiste Andii will make Black Coral their new home. Ocean front views. [901]

Anaster is transformed by the Wolf's Reve (still have no frikkin clue what Reve is) and is now a Mortal Sword, the meaning of which no one seems to know. [903]

Dujek Onearm gifts the last surviving Bridgeburners with small fortunes so they can secretly retire. [905]

Dujek and his Host are to head off to Seven Cities to back up Adjunct Tavore in her fight against Sha'ik (ref: Deadhouse Gates).

Lady Envy decides to escort the three Seguleh back home. [908]

Hetan and Cafal meet up with a multi-scarred soldier calling himself Onos Toolan. Hmm, familiar name. Hetan, of course, plans on bedding him. You go, girl. [909]

Ganoes Paran gets away from it all in his man cave (the Finnest Azath House in Darujhistan). He tells Raest that Picker and her partner have bought K'rul's temple and turned it into a tavern, K'rul's Bar. What's this? Duiker's been resurrected?! WTF?! [910-913]