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updated: 3 october 2014


works as a software developer in Boston

is the father of two kids, a 12-year-old Minecraft-obsessed boy and a 9-year-old girl who thinks up new story ideas on a daily basis

is a skier and a tennis player

reads constantly, buys more books than he can possibly read, and watches very little TV (and absolutely nothing with a laugh track)

is trying to write an adventure story with swordfights, pirates, monsters, wizards, and crumbling castles with deep, dank dungeons

eats bagels and reads the Sunday New York Times

sweats like mad on the elliptical machine

mostly ignores Facebook

is happily married (sorry, Miss Biel)

enjoys bacon


On twitter: @woodge and tumblr: woodge.tumblr.com, among other places

Educate yourself:
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homeopathy is quackery [Wikipedia]
Vaccinate your kids! [No, really, do it.]

If people are saying you're wrong, it's probably a good sign that you're a genius.
~ Kanye West

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