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updated: 22 may 2014 (A.D.)
enough nauseating flummery to make you hurl

Corrections to the previous "about Woodge" page:

Woodge is a software developer in Boston, not a masked crimefighter as previously reported.

Woodge is the father of two kids, a boy (aged 12), and a girl (aged 9), and not the father of a half-human cyborg assassin and a girl-cat hybrid created in a lab as previously reported.

Woodge skis and plays tennis. He does not play buzkashi, in which horse-mounted players attempt to drag a goat carcass toward a goal. (But, boy, that sounds fun!)

Woodge reads a lot. He does not perform impromptu performance art pieces dressed as a chicken in Harvard Square as previously reported.

Woodge is trying to write an adventure story with swordfights and monsters, however it has not been optioned by a major Hollywood studio as previously reported.

On Sundays Woodge gets fresh bagels and reads the New York Times. He does not swan dive into elaborately constructed towers of Jell-O while wearing nothing but a pink tutu as previous reported.

Bruce and Cosmo
Bruce & Cosmo (as kittens)


AND: Woodge's Brain (diagram)

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