about Woodge



mucks about with C#.NET, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, MVC and so forth in Boston
is the father of two delightfully perfect children
is charming, polite, and a good speller. He's a fabulous parent and doesn't smoke. He keeps swearing to a minimum because he deems it crass.
So, yeah, he thinks he's better than you are. What a pompous jerk he is! Someone ought to open a can of whup-ass on his smarmy little self.
I bet he'd run away screaming like a little girl.
skis and plays tennis
was an undefeated soccer coach (fall 2015)
enjoys crushing people without mercy in various word games
is busy writing a fantasy adventure story with swordfights, monsters, goblins, wizards, and crumbling castles with deep, dank dungeons
dabbles sporadically in Minecraft (in creative mode)
attempts yoga and has mastered these positions: the Broken Cow, the Amorphous Blob, and the That's Not Right!
may have more books than he'll ever read, but he still doesn't think that's necessarily a bad thing
spends too much vacation time in Sweden
vet var skåpet ska stå
would choose teleportation as his superpower of choice, no question — just think of the savings in commuting costs alone!
has a secret undergroud lair staffed by supermodels who cater to his every whim and address him as "My liege!"
once won a game of Connect Four in three moves
could totally lose weight if he really wanted to

This is pretty much my mood today.