About Woodge

This is pretty much my mood today.


mucks about with C#.NET, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML and so forth in Boston
is the father of two delightfully perfect children
is charming, polite, and a good speller. He's a fabulous parent and doesn't smoke. He keeps swearing to a minimum because he deems it crass.
So, yeah, he thinks he's better than you are. What a pompous jerk he is! Someone ought to open a can of whup-ass on his smarmy little self.
I bet he'd run away screaming like a little girl.
skis and plays tennis
was an undefeated soccer coach (fall 2015)
enjoys Words With Friends, Letterpress, Word Feud, Boggle, Scrabble and other word games
is busy writing a fantasy adventure story with swordfights, monsters, goblins, wizards, and crumbling castles with deep, dank dungeons
dabbles sporadically in Minecraft (in creative mode)
would choose teleportation as his superpower of choice, no question — just think of the savings in commuting costs alone!
does not bend easily (literally)
may have more books than he'll ever read, but he still doesn't think that's necessarily a bad thing
has spent much time in Sweden
vet var skåpet ska stå
has two cats, one who likes to destroy plastic bags and sleep in the sink, and another who hordes bottlecaps and wants to be fed at 4:30 AM.
has the power to make birds hover